introduction: Katherine Loukopoulos
I met sensei Katherine Loukopoulos, during the WTKA Championships in Viareggio - Italy.
I was present in Viareggio as a WTKA-referee and member of the WTKA Dan-grading Committee. The WTKA kata championships are organized in 4 style divisions: Shotokan, Wado-ryu, Shito-ryu and Goju-ryu. On the Goju-ryu tatami I had the honnor to work long hours with Katherine sensei.
Katherine sensei did the referee job with great enthusiasm. Her knowledge of Okinawa karate and also Okinawa Kobudo came to my attention.
Katherine sensei devoted all her life to the martial arts. She started training in 1969. Fourteen years she lived and trained on Okinawa, Japan (January 1986 December 2000). Katherine sensei studied on Okinawa with Miyazato Eiichi, Yasuda Tetsunosuke, Uehara Ko, Uehara Yonekazu, Kamimura Takeyuki and many others.

Theo Theloesen