biography: Katherine Loukopoulos

Katherine was born (1952) and spent her early years in Greece. Katherine moved to the USA at the age of fourteen. She started her martial training in 1969.
In 1976 Katherine became Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology at the City College of the City University of New York.
In 1978 Katherine bacame Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
From 1979 until 1985 Katherine was a member of the United States National Karate Team. She became ten times All American champion and three times All-Round/All American champion.
Katherine made her first trip to Okinawa and visited the Jundokan (headquarter of Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate-Do with chief-instructor Eiichi Miyazato) in December of 1982.
In 1986 Katherine moved to Okinawa, lived and trained there for 14 years. (January 1986 until December 2000).
In May of 1992 Katherine was invited to travel from Okinawa to the city of Alma Ata in the former Soviet Union in a region which is now called Kazakhstan. There she introduced for the first time Ryu Kyu Kobudo to 74 teachers who came from all over the former Soviet Union.
In 1997 Katherine participated in the World Karate and Kobudo Tournament on Okinawa and was a Gold Medalist in Bo-kata.
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